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TelCell Set was founded and is manages up till today by Mr. Moshe Shealtiel, who brings with him 40 years of experience. He has the spirit and mind of a born inventor, developer and manager. Mr. Shealtiel has a deep and groundbreaking ability of inventing and developing ideas for new products and technical complex solutions. He is qualified in electricity, with academic degree in economics and computer science.

Mr. Shealtiel was born in Israel in 1955. He started his way in the Israeli army, where he restored and fixed electronic damaged equipment. Following that he started his work in the Israeli advanced technology area, mainly defense and Home Land Security. Since then he gathered 40 years of experience in development in Israeli advanced technology companies, from them 19 years as the manager of TelCell Set co. where he, together with his team, invented new ways and products, solved technical problems and managed development procedures for Israeli development companies.

The company specializes in promotion and development of electronic cards – PCB (Printed Circuit Board) based on experience, deep knowledge and understanding, personal attitude, reliability and safety.

The company signed on agreements since 2001 with Israeli advanced technology companies for consulting in the field of electronic card planning in the defense and HLS industry in Israel.

Here is what Mr. Moshe Shealtiel says about his motivation and experience:

“The strong desire to find a solution to problems of any kind has always existed in me. I do not need to be an expert in a particular field where there is a need to find a solution, enough to study the subject superficially so that I can address the need that arose in that field. The ideas I suggested for a concrete solution of a particular need are original and creative, most of them simple and are praised by any factor involved in the need to find a solution. As part of my day-to-day activities, I participate in brainstorming sessions to find solutions to problems that were not observed or to be created.

“I invented a special cell phone stand that answered the need to solve the problem of accessibility to the cellular phone, which was cumbersome and needed to be loaded at the claim.

“The device that I invented knew how to route the output of the cellular phone to a landline without the intervention of the communications providers (infrastructure and the Internet) and without tracking, was the answer to the calls that entered or exited during an incoming call or out of any cell phone status, When the ring that sounded on the landline phone was the ring of the cell phone to which it was called so that it was possible to identify the caller for the call according to the type of ring.

“I registered a patent in the US and after a short period of time sold the patent to a large US company that assimilated it in its products.

“I invented a battery adapter that could be used for small AA or AAA batteries available in every corner instead of large CD batteries. I manufactured a large quantity in China and brought it to Israel. There was no success because competitors rose faster than expected. In order to allow them to sell at a very low price and receive a certain income.

“Now I am working on two products in the field of electricity that will meet the growing need of everyone in his field and continuing work as a board designer .”

Moshe Shealtiel

Moshe Shealtiel


"The deep thinking, precision and meticulousness of the details in the planning make up the quality of each product you plan"
Rami Ezer
Rami Ezer Electrical Engineering Team Leader, Advanced Defense Systems

"The patience and perseverance on the way to the goal are the tracks on which the train of solutions runs"
Zaki Cohen
Electrical Engineering and Quality, Reliability Engineering, Advanced Defense Systems

"The ability to find a solution in the fields of data and in the short time is a gift of God to you"
Daniel Ohayon
RF Systems Team Leader, Advanced Defense Systems