Mr. Moshe Shealtiel is one of the leading and veteran in the field of design and layout of printed circuits boards in a high quality, he has extensive experience, comprehensive know-how, advanced design software skills and expert in a wide range of circuits:

Digital, Analog, Multi Layered, Splitting/Integrating of complex design, Complex RF circuits, Flexible and Rigid-Flexible circuits, Military standard circuits, Power supply circuits, Fine Pitch, Mother Boards and High density boards using SMD and BGA components both sides

  • Calculation of location feasibility at the components stage.
  • Optimize routing application.
  • Prevent Cross talk signals.
  • Controlled Impedance requirements.
  • High frequency circuits solutions.
  • Circuit preparation for ATE, ICT testing.
  • Consultation and solutions EMI RFI.
  • High voltage circuits, EMC, high speed lines.
  • High density boards design.
  • HDI, Micro Via, Blind and Buried Technology.
  • Designs according to military, medical and civilian standards.
  • Tools for automatic assembly.
  • Schematics, assembly, and manufacturing drawings
  • Inspection procedures.
  • Files upon project completion.
  • Interface with the fabricator to clarify unique requirements.
  • Design for cost-efficiency and ease of fabrication.