Electronic card design


Telcell Set Ltd. Is a technical innovation, consulting and development company, based in Israel.
It specializes in invention, promotion and development of ideas and PCB Design.


Telcell Set was founded and is manages up till today by Mr. Moshe Shealtiel, who brings with him 39 years of experience. He has the spirit and mind of a born inventor, developer and manager. Mr. Shealtiel has a deep and groundbreaking ability of inventing and developing ideas for new products and technical complex solutions.
Mr. Shealtiel, a veteran head of innovation and development teams and projects in the Israeli advanced technology industry, can be your source for innovative systems and products that will put you ahead of your competitors in the telephony an electric home appliance industry.
We propose your company your tomorrow’s source of ideas and solution, an Israeli based team of innovation for your company’s future growth.


"The deep thinking, precision and meticulousness of the details in the planning make up the quality of each product you plan"
Rami Ezer
Rami Ezer Electrical Engineering Team Leader, Advanced Defense Systems

"The patience and perseverance on the way to the goal are the tracks on which the train of solutions runs"
Zaki Cohen
Electrical Engineering and Quality, Reliability Engineering, Advanced Defense Systems

"The ability to find a solution in the fields of data and in the short time is a gift of God to you"
Daniel Ohayon
RF Systems Team Leader, Advanced Defense Systems